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The officers and members have taken great pride in developing an excellent reputation in the fields of metal detecting and archeology. We have worked at various historical sites with recognition from local and state officials. Our members have also contributed to the development of legislation to regulate the use of historical lands.

In addition to metal detecting, DEEP SEARCH also has interests in the areas of fossil and arrowhead hunting, bottle and coin collecting.

Like any hobby that comes in direct contact with the public there are some rules to follow. As a member, you have a responsibility to maintain the integrity and reputation of DEEP SEARCH by following these standard Codes of Ethics:

• Keep sites neat. Never leave open holes and dispose of your trash properly.
• Always ask permission to hunt private land, and get it in writing if possible.
• If you are asked to leave a place, just say, “Okay, sorry.” And leave.
• Avoid confrontation with the authorities at all costs.
• Don’t steal your friend’s spots.
• Abide by all state and local laws.
• Report all live ammunition and lethal objects to the police.
• Use common sense and consideration for others when detecting.
• Be responsible: protect our hobby, and always act as a goodwill ambassador.

To become a member, fill out the Membership Form and mail in or pay online at